On the MitCon project, we are delighted that our submission to the Journal of Software: Evolution and Process (Special Issue: Software Engineering for Connected Health) has been published.

We propose BPMN+V, a data-enriching extension to BPMN, which we evaluate using a real-world case study involving conflicts between medical conflicts for two morbidities (diseases). In this paper we used a state space exploration approach, developed using a mix of home-brewed Python classes and CPN/Tools. Although successful for this case study (validating the modelling language, discovering the conflicts we expected), this is not our long-term approach to conflict detection.

Firstly, using the SNAKES toolkit and Neco have since suggested great efficiency improvements are possible, as would an automated integration with CPN/Tools.

Secondly, we plan to explore the use of logical formulations and constraint solvers.

To discuss anything about our work, please get in touch.