OrcID: 0000-0002-3121-9625

I am a computer scientist specialising in Automatic Speech and Speaker Recognition (ASR), and more generally machine learning and data analytics. I also have research and industrial expertise in business process mining. I work in the Forensic Speech Science Laboratory and Forensic Data Science Laboratory at Aston University.

Until 2019 I worked with the excellent Think Beyond Data programme providing free consultancy in data analytics and machine learning to SMEs in the UK Greater Birmingham, Black Country and Marches areas. If you could benefit from this, please get in touch with the team.

Prior to this I worked on process modelling, composition, transformation and verification applied to medical care processes (on the EPSRC MitCon: Automated Conflict Resolution in Clinical Pathways project), and Automatic Speech Recognition (on the Speech Recognition by Synthesis project), both at the University of Birmingham.

My Ph.D. (2014) developed a machine learning theoretic framework for analysis of Process Mining algorithms, at the School of Computer Science in Birmingham. I also have extensive experience in industry, in business systems analysis, design and development, data migration, and Unix and storage systems administration. I specialised in information provision, data security (backups) and transfer.

Please see my About and Publications pages for more information.